My mission is to produce all around quality Rottweilers. Healthy in Body & Mind! Unfortunately, a rare occurrence.


It’s that simple.  


My definition of “quality”;

No known inherited conditions or diseases. I will not breed to a Rottweiler that has not had the required health tests done and is certified “Clear/Normal/Passed”.

I strive for clarity of mind and willingness to work. Be that for Obedience, Agility, Therapy, any Dog Sport that a Rottweiler can participate but MOST importantly a loving pet.


I will not breed my dogs BEFORE all health & temperament tests are done and do not have any disqualifying faults.  I do not breed for numbers and just for a pedigree.


The puppy deserves to start off on the right foot. Well...paw. I couldn't resist  :-)




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